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Supplemental Income

Start driving and work your way toward financial freedom! Increasing your income is the easiest way to pay off excessive debt. Use ride sharing as a way to achieve your financial goals in your spare time.


Start meeting new people. Looking for that next job opportunity or social connection? Driving with ride share companies opens the door an ever evolving community of people with a dynamic array of backgrounds.

No Commitment

Ever have one of those "I just don't feel like it" days? Take a day off or a couple hours off. It's up to you. Drive when you want and make the money you need. You are only bound by the income you desire.

The short answer:  You should definitely have both in your money making arsenal. 

As more riders look for requests the expense rises.  When riders see this surge in cost, they will check with the other provider.  Most riders utilize both apps looking for the cheapest fare between the two. There are even apps designed to do this for the rider.  If you are not driving with both services you will miss out on rides.  It’s better to snag more less expensive fares than to have one expensive ride.  More rides mean more opportunities to collect tips.

One of the most frequently asked questions yet the hardest to explain.  Your earnings will depend on several factors that fluctuate over time.

  • Your home area
  • Driver promotions
  • Prime time pricing
  • Tips

Don’t let the variability scare you.  TIP: Keep a log of your daily expenses and daily earnings.  You will begin to notice trends that will help you capitalize on your earnings.  With time you will fall into a groove that suits your schedule, area, and financial goals.

Example:  In Hampton Roads I earn $25-$30 per hour on average throughout the week.  I drive part time between 20 – 30 hrs per week and earn $700 in one week.  There are some drivers making double that or more. Find out how earnings are calculated.

This is another common question that is difficult to answer.  In my experience, UBER is more popular which means more fares for you to collect where as LYFT seems to pay more for each ride.  As a result they both seem to provide the same hourly income.  Since LYFT isn’t as popular in my area, I notice longer pick-up times as other drivers go off-line for the night.  I have seen those times reach over 20 minuets. Just doesn’t make since to roll the dice on a long pick-up that could potentially only net you a $5 fare. Your location may be different. Keep a mental log of these nuances and decide if one company is better for you over the other.  I however, use both unless one is consistently offering long distance pick-ups.

The short answer is that you have to try it out in your area and decide for yourself.

With safety and security for both the drivers and the riders in mind, there are a few minimum requirements that you must meet before you will be authorized to drive.
  • Vehicle Requirements
    • Your vehicle shouldn’t be more than 12yrs old.
    • The vehicle must have at least 4 doors not including jump doors.
    • It should also have at least 5 seats (4 passengers and one driver)
  • Driver Requirements
    • Be at least 21yrs old
    • Pass both DMV and background checks provided for free
    • Have an Android or IPhone
  • These are only general guidelines. Be sure to check the requirements in your
  • area.

Generally speaking both applications work as follows

  • Open app and “Go Online”
  • A rider will request a ride and that request will go to the nearest driver
  • Accept the request and your app will load the navigation required and direct you to the pickup location
  • Be sure to confirm the identity of the passenger to ensure a problem free trip
  • Tap the button to start the trip and again navigation will be loaded to guide you to the passengers destination
  • Once you arrive tap the button to end the trip and ensure your passenger collects all of their items before departing
  • Rinse, Wash, Repeat

Sign-up is easy and is done all from your mobile device.  Once all of your information is provided, UBER / Lyft will initiate the DMV and background checks.  This process takes between 3-10 days.  Assuming everything checks out, you will be on the road in no time.

UBER / Lyft offer sign on bonuses up to $1,500 based on where you will be driving.  Do Not Sign Up Without A PROMO Code.  I can not stress this enough. You can not go back and add it and you could miss out on lots of money.


  • LYFT – JUSTIN07034

The beauty of this method of employment is its flexibility.  You have almost no commitment other than to yourself and your personal goals.  Change is difficult for many people, Me included.  For these reasons I suggest each new driver utilize the promotional period as a trial run.  Don’t quit your day job, instead work around it.  Making the jump to a full time driver immediately after you sign up is risky.  Instead, take a few rides a day during your down and determine profitability.  Additionally, you should be paying attention to where and when the maximum earnings potential may be.  The sign on bonuses will compensate for inefficiency caused by inexperience.  Once you have learned your area and its nuances you will be driving less and making more.  At this point you can decide how involved you would like to be.  Make the shift to full time, or bank on supplemental income.  Its all up to you!  You are now your own boss. 

Earnings On Your Terms

Sign up bonuses starting from $50 – $1500. How much are you eligible for?

Rideshare Rider

Inexpensive Transportation

You have, at your fingertips, access to some of the cheapest, individualized transportation. Get where you need to go quickly with the most reasonable fare.

Quicker Pickups

Ever need a ride last minuet only to find out that the cab is 30 minuets away? What if you had access to a system where typical wait times were half that or better?

Excellent Service

Each driver is classified as a private subcontractor. Working for your tips he/she will make every effort to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Both services are very similar.  Neither one is stronger in terms of quality.  The differences only apply to the local market.

As a driver it is important for me to be aware of which service people prefer and why.  For this reason I generally ask two very simple questions.  Which one and why.

I find that popularity from the rider perspective is normally based on cost and availability.  In my area LYFT is slightly less popular than UBER.  Lower popularity means longer pick up times but cheaper fares.  The opposite is also true.

Different market areas, promotions, surge pricing, and availability are also factors that play heavily in this relationship.  Your only choice here is to try both and realize that changes in the market will also change your experiences.

As a driver it only makes since to employ both services.  I also believe the same is true for passengers.  As surge pricing fluctuates so should you.  To attain the cheapest fare you have to compare cost every time you ride.  The market’s instability could result in a cost savings of more than $10.  Don’t lose free money! Check both apps and pick what is right for you!

Should I tip? How much should I tip? Cash or in app? How does the driver get paid?

To answer these questions I will start with how the driver gets paid. 

After over 2000 rides, I have found that UBER on average takes %50 of the cost of the ride.  LYFT takes slightly less at around %45.  Neither company takes a cut of the tips.  There is also a minimum fee of $7 even if the ride is only around the block.

The most effective feedback a driver could receive.  TIPS!!  They are not required and the rider has to decide to spend more money.  For those reasons, receiving a tip is the biggest complement to me.  It lets me know that my services were outstanding and drives me to do even better.

Lately both services have been offering promotions for new riders and some promotions for existing riders. These promotions change constantly.  Find out what you qualify for!

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