Justin Lawrence

I am a seasoned professional with advanced training, skills and experience as a technical leader. I possess a detail oriented nature coupled with unmatched organizational skills. Mixing those traits with concise communication has honed an outstanding ability to guide teams toward goals efficiently and effectively. I can adapt to sudden change in group intentions fluidly and capitalize on individual strengths and weaknesses attaining exponential team productivity.

My Skills

The short list


I have experience developing and maintaining networks ranging from single node home installations to medium scale business applications utilizing multiple server and storage devices.


Need a custom computing device? I can build anything from wallet sized store front kiosk machines to personal computers to enterprise level rack mounted server solutions running on a wide array of operating systems.

Custom Electronics

Can’t find an electronic device on the market to suit your needs? Maybe it’s absurdly priced or doesn’t exactly fit your needs.  I can build it for you and customize it to your liking.  Solutions are available for any concept.

Circuit Card Repair

Something not behaving properly? Let me take a look!  I maintain a “Micro Miniature” soldering certification and the correct tools to repair even the microscopic defects in today’s electronics. The quality level meets standards required in devices designed to support life.

Custom Software

Today’s market is saturated with software.  The difficulty is finding the right solution to fit your needs.  I am fluent in several languages and can create applications for just about any platform or operating system.

A/V - Acoustics

As our appetite grows for media so does our desire for quality.  I have experience installing, configuring, and managing acoustic reflections within a room.  Additionally I have constructed an anechoic chamber meeting ISO-9001 testing procedure requirements.

Networks 80%
Computers 85%
Custom Electronics 90%
Circuit Card Repair 70%
Custom Software 65%
A/V - Acoustics 80%

Professional Experience

Throughout my career in the military I have been exposed to a wide gamut of professional responsibilities. Organized by duty station I have listed a few of my primary responsibilities and achievements.

U.S. Coast Guard Active Duty Electronics Tech (2001-current)

Stationed at Electronics Service Detachment Key West, Fl (2002-2004)

  • As the junior most technician, I voluntarily took the responsibility of training my shop on the repair and maintenance of a new High Frequency transceiver. I developed a training plan and constructed a mock-up station from spare parts. This new system replaced all HF transceivers serviced by our area of responsibility.
  • After becoming fully qualified in my primary role, I volunteered to manage all preventative and corrective maintenance actions. These tasks encompassed periodic inspections and an open line of communication with over 18 individual units.
  • Additionally I became qualified as one of the on-call repair technicians which repaired any equipment casualties on an after hours basis.

Stationed On-board USCGC Mohawk Key West, Fl (2004-2008)

  • As the primary RADAR repair technician, my equipment's operational status directly impacted the ships ability to sail. Additionally, the ships primary missions including counter narcotics, migrant operations, and search and rescue hinged on my equipment’s reliability and detection capabilities. Throughout my tour, I maintained just over a 95% up time.
  • My ability to manage my peers and my knowledge base of policy, coupled with excellent communication skills resulted in my qualification as a combat information center watch supervisor. A position typically held only by the OS rating. I managed watch schedules and provided periodic training on combat operations.
  • In addition to my primary responsibilities, I also served as the test equipment manager and the only Micro Miniature certified repair tech on-board where I saved the Coast Guard over $2M in replacement electronic devices.
  • I developed and managed a local CATV distribution and head-end system capable of displaying an array of local broadcasts servicing 43 drops. Movies sourced from the Naval motion picture program and an information channel were deployed in addition to live sports cast utilizing an HF receiver and the Air Force’s broadcast system.
  • Additionally I served as the local A/V expert. I designed proposed and reconfigured all lounge and common area entertainment packages for the ship. This included the installation of surround sound systems, TVs and projectors, gaming platforms, lighting, and Blu-ray/DVD players. In larger areas I employed the use of 70v audio systems and multiple large screen mounting solutions.
  • As the lead install technician, I developed, installed and maintained a closed circuit camera system which provided surveillance capabilities in key areas throughout the ship. This system was a model for the rest of the fleet and became a standardized install. Furthermore, it’s capabilities reduced duty section requirements and increased duty rotation fleet wide.

Stationed at Electronics Service Detachment Mobile, Al (2009-2013)

  • As the maintenance supervisor of the shop, I managed the preventative maintenance, corrective actions, and coordinated efforts with unit engineering officers of 17 different units and over 25 assets. During this time I also provided training to junior personnel on a weekly basis covering topics such as coaxial cable terminations, electronics theory and troubleshooting practices. As a result of developing my workforce, units from outside our normal area requested our services to correct long-standing complex equipment issues.
  • I created the Coast Guard's first 73 RADAR mock-up system to provide training and bench testing capabilities. This mock-up became a platform for our local legal department's investigative efforts.
  • During a time of change throughout the Coast Guard, my shop was responsible for a multitude of equipment configuration updates. While managing the installation of these changes my role as a quality assurance inspector afforded me the opportunity to work with several outside contracting agencies. I inspected equipment installs on several sites which included HF transceivers, Rescue 21 VHF systems, and their respective remote stations.

Stationed at Electronics Repair Facility Baltimore, MD (2009-2013)

Stationed On-board USCGC Thetis Key West, FL (2013-2017)

  • As the fire control shop's lead petty officer, I was responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting and operation of the ships major caliber weapons control RADAR system. As the subject matter expert on-board, I conducted training evolutions which were integrated with the entire ship and other training teams. I coordinated air craft drone fly overs to gauge accuracy and affirm competency of our fire control crews. These efforts led to the coveted battle "E" award granted to the ship for excellence in gunnery.
  • I volunteered to be a member of the ships damage control training team where we created scenarios involving fire, flooding, toxic gas and other catastrophic situations for the ships crew to hone their response skills.
  • Meticulous alignments and system maintenance led to many successful patrols. One in particular placed us in the Eastern Pacific where five narcotics busts resulted in just over a billion dollars in cocaine seizures. In each situation the weapons control RADAR was the primary tool used in the detection, interdiction and disposition.
  • While underway the crew needs time to wind down. In attempts to mitigate the burden of being away from home, I designed procured and installed a DIRECTV system capable of receiving programming while thousands of miles off shore and redistributing it to just under 50 locations throughout the ship. Again this installation became a model for the fleet and became a standardized installation.
  • Similar to the Mohawk I volunteered as the local A/V expert. I reconfigured and maintained all lounge and common area entertainment packages for the ship. This included the installation of surround sound systems, TVs and projectors, gaming platforms, lighting, and Blu-ray/DVD players. In larger areas I employed the use of 70v audio systems and large screen mounting solutions.​ I deployed a large format projector and sound system for use on the ships helicopter hanger primarily used during the transit to home port.
  • Also like the Mohawk, I developed a locally managed CATV distribution and head-end systems capable of displaying an array of local broadcasts. Movies sourced from the Naval motion picture program and an info channel were deployed in addition to live sports cast utilizing an HF receiver and the Air Force broad cast system.

Stationed at Training Center Yorktown, VA (2013-2017)

  • After displaying an aptitude for electronics theory, I was hand selected to instruct a weapons control RADAR system designed in the 40's. Older technology presents its own challenges. Calculating ballistics trajectories from a moving platform achieving Mach+ speeds with discrete components can be very complex. We are the only school house to provide this training globally and as such are responsible for training foreign national students.
  • I have attained the position of class adviser. This role puts me as the class' supervisor. I handle everything from processing arrival and departure orders to disciplinary actions. I manage academic progress and provide recommendations to the command. I have also been labeled the go to guy for any presentation needs concerning A/V equipment including projectors, large format TV screens and any interconnecting devices that help facilitate instruction.
  • I am currently working on an MTS (Master Training Specialist) certification. Check back soon for it’s completion.

Other Skills

Over the years my passion for electronics and learning has driven me to explore the many facets of hobby electronics, software development and just about anything related to those fields. Listed below are just a few examples of skills I have developed.

Embedded Microcontrollers

  • Parallax Multi-core
  • Arduino
  • PIC
  • ATmega
  • PLC

Programming Languages

  • Basic
  • Assembly
  • SPIN
  • C
  • C++
  • Python


  • Fiber / Copper / Routers / Switches managed and unmanaged
  • IOT devices
  • Media Converters / Gateways / Firewalls
  • Wireless 2.4ghz / 5ghz / 60ghz

Computer Systems

  • Custom build gaming rigs
  • Rack mounted Server systems
  • Set top box with custom firmware
  • Raspberry Pi and similar micro sized devices
  • Virtualization
  • Windows / Mac / Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, Fedora)

Audio / Visual Equipment

  • Balanced / Unbalanced multi-channel amplifiers
  • Projector / lamp or laser based
  • Audiophile tube amplifiers
  • Custom kiosk display systems
  • Security Camera systems
  • Lighting control / IP, Zigbee, Z-Wave, BTle, X-10, DMX512

Circuit Card Repair

  • 2M (Mini / Micro soldering) certification
  • Mock-up development
  • Schematic analysis
  • Component signature analysis (MTR, PIXIE)
  • Ball Grid Array machine operator and recipe writer

Awards - Honors

During my professional career I have received some accolades for my professionalism, resourcefulness, and problem solving skills among many others. This section is dedicated to identifying some of those.

  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Coast Guard Commendation Medal
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • Special Ops Service Ribbon
  • 2X - Coast Guard Achievement Medal
  • 2X - Letter of Commendation Ribbon
  • 2X - Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • 2X - Humanitarian Service Medal
  • 5X - Meritorious Team commendation Ribbon
  • 6X - Good Conduct Medal

My Personal Projects

I am deeply involved with electronics at work. Apparently I just can't get enough. These are just a few of my projects conducted at home.

GE Color Effects Christmas Lights

This video shows the basic configuration of a set of Christmas lights produced by GE.  They were designed with multi-colored, addressable LEDs in each bulb.  The possibilities are endless with this type of design.  GE in my opinion left out a lot of functionality with their control box.

This is an example of how much control is possible with this strand of lights.  I use a parallax propeller micro-controller to replicate the control scheme required by the light strand.  At any given point in time each light is a different color.

The Pumpkin Player

Time for Halloween!  In this project I set out to recreate a skit from the movie Despicable Me.  In its standby mode it cycles through a few sound tracks from the movie.  Using an ultrasonic sensor, it switches to skit mode and plays a short audio file I created from excerpts of the movie.

This video utilizes the same equipment constructed in the previous video.  This time the lights were placed within the carved pumpkins and put on display for the neighborhood on Halloween night.  Unfortunately the video didn’t take well on my cell phone but I had neighbors talking about it weeks later.

Extra Tid-Bit

This site was created entirely from a 10yr+ old desktop computer. It runs a Linux server distribution coupled with a database engine, reverse proxy, web server, and a wide array of other applications to help manage my home network.