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What I Do

Hardware builds

The start of every project requires some sort of hardware.  I enjoy designing and assembling devices ranging from single board embedded IOT devices to enterprise level server hardware.


This really brings hardware and software together. There are many tasks we preform so repetitiously that we are unaware of it even taking place. Why not give that job to something that is designed to be repetitive?

Software Development

The core instruction set where all the magic happens. Teaching your device new tricks may seem like a daunting task given you must speak in its language.  I think of it like a puzzle.  With all the right pieces and a dose of patience, all you have to do is figure out where those pieces go.

Media Hoarding

Movies, TV Shows, Music I must have it all. Storage space is getting cheaper by the year and network infrastructure is loosing the battle with bandwidth.  Keep your data locally and have access to the best qualities whenever you want.

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